Something that Seville Expert considers really important for your experience  here is making the most of Seville´s cultural activities and also the beautiful  Andaluscian Province which surrounds Seville. What you do in your free time not only enriches your experience here but it also helps you massively understand the culture that surrounds you.

We take care in chosing a partner school which offers an abundant choice of activities tailored for everybodies needs.


There is a special social programme which allows you to  discover and enjoy all that Seville and Andalusia have to offer. There are free activities organised every week such as

  • Cultural exchange parties. This is a unique opportunity where you get the chance to meet people from all over the world. This will include (cultural visits, tapas, bars, cinema, debates, parties, salsa dancing and lots more!
  • “Intercambios” – ONE to ONE with Spaniards that give you the chance to practice your Spanish
  • On a friday evening the teachers often enjoy going out for a beer with the students however this is not a fixed organised event.
  • Excursions out of Seville

One of Andalucía’s main distinctions is its astonishing diversity of landscapes.  Seville is close to the sea , the mountains and other charming cities.  Our partner school will help you organise excursions which allows you to make the most of its splendour.  For example going to the beach or to the  beautiful cultural cities like Cordoba and Granada. If you want to explore further a field´, trips can be organised for Morrocco or Portugal which is only a hop skip and jump away from Seville.

Local Cultural Activities

 If you are more interested in the local cultural events the School can also organise anything from guitar, flamenco or gastronomy classes to bull fights, bike tours, river cruises or expeditions to the beach. The activities are not only great fun but also great for your language skills

For the excursions and local activities your participation depends on your tastes and available free time, and requires payment ahead of time.



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