Important Information

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At Seville Expert, we work exclusively with the original prices of our partner schools. You pay the same price as you would by contacting the school directly. This allows us to guarantee 100 percent transparency.

Course Material

Once you have paid for the course there are no extra costs for study materials . The school will always provide you with everything. In addition you can make the most of the school´s library where this extra material to study from.


If you have an EU passport, you will not need a visa to study in Seville.  The majority of the other countries apart from Russia, China or Egypt allow you to study up to 12weeks as a tourist. For those who want to stay for more than 3 months or need to apply for a visa both the school and us will be able to advise you on the application procedure before you arrive and when you arrive in Seville. However you will have to pay any visa fees required.


We ask you to make sure you have travel insurance before your trip with us.

Course start dates

All courses takes place throughout the wholeyear. Courses always start on Mondays except when the course falls on a bank holiday, which will then start on the Tuesday.

Arrival / Departure Dates

There is no arrival date nor departure date. You arrive and depart when you like. The accommodation and courses are paid by week/month. If you decide to stay for extra days you simply have to pay for the extra nights.

Airport or Travel Transfer

When arriving in Seville we can organise an airport or railway station transfer to your accommodation. This is a nice easy way to arrive especially when you dont know the city and you are tired. Of
course, you can also get to your accommodation independently by taxi, train or bus. The independent solution is less expensive than the transfers organised by our partner school. We can give you a quote on what each options costs.

Cancellation Policy

For those of you who are worried about planning in advance, especially for those who may have exams in the summer months we offer a100 percent reumbursement policy if you cancel 15 days before the course date is due to start.


If you are travelling in a group or in a family a discount can be given. Please ask us if you think you may be able to receive a discount.

At your service

If you have any queries before departure please don´t hesitate to ask us, we are more than happy to answer all your questions by phone or email.  Once you are in Seville we will continue offering you our service. We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you out where you need it.

Our service after your course 

If you have loved your stay in Seville and are looking to stay for longer we are happy to help you organise yourself  from accommodation to work placements or paid teaching jobs.  Seville Expert has many contacts and are more than happy to help you out.

Extra Classes

If you want to take gastronomy, flamenco, guitar or any other classes in Seville please ask us before arriving and we can provide you with the information.


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