Our School


Instituto de Estudios de la Lingua Espanola (IELE)

The school offers a splendid base for you to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Andalusia.  Situated right in the centre,  next to the Cathedral the school´s based in a traditional 19th century Sevillian house.  It is well equipped  with air conditioning, free internet access, a library, and audio materials to study or watch in your leisure time.

Free Language Level Tests

In order for you to feel comfortable in your class and progress well, it is vital to be divided into groups based on your language level. Our partner school offers you a free evaluation test when you arrive to place you in the correct course. They will also be available to discuss any doubts or questions you have on each course.

Free Material

Once you have paid for the course you won’t have to pay for anything extra within the school. All the materials that you will study from will be supplied by the school. In addition you can take advantage of the library where you will find a surplus supply of extra study material.

From home to home

The school offers a wonderful homely atmosphere, there are only 3 classrooms with a maximum of 8 students in each classroom.  This means that special attention and care can be given to each individual student, albeit administration problems, visa problems, or any emergencies (you will be given a number which you can call 24/7.

The small size of the school also means that there is a great atmosphere within the school because everybody from teachers to students can get to know each other really well.

For group visits, there are other classrooms which can more than 24 students inthe buliding behind the school.



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