Registration Process

Enrolement Deadline

If you have decided to do a language course in Seville do not delay with your enrolement.  By enrolling early you can get cheaper flights and organise yourself with regards to Visa requests, (if you are outside the EU) and prepare your health insurance . In addition as our partner school is small in numbers we recommend booking no less than  3 weeks in advance, especially during the busier months which are June, July, August.

Enrolment process

There are two different processes

  1. Complete the online enrolment form on our website
  2. Email or call us, we can help  you complete the form over the phone, skype or by email.

Inless than a week of handing  in your enrolment form we will confirm your enrolment.  The school will send you all the payment details and a deposit of 120 euros is to be paid in no less than 15 days before the course starts. Once you have paid the deposit the school will send you an enrolment certificate and an invoice with the remaining amount due. (including accommodation supplements and the fee for airport retrieval if these services have been requested). This certificate can be used to apply for a student visa (if necessary).This outstanding amount can be paid before arriving or upon arrival at the school.  You must make the whole payment in Euros.

Travel information

With the Enrolment Certificate, we will provide you with the information about what time you should arrive to the school on your first day. You will also receive details of your course, accommodation  and transfer( if you booked it) 2 weeks before your course starts.

How can I pay the deposit or complete course?

1.By bank transfer: Once you have your enrolment confirmed, the school will send you it´s bank details.

2. International Travellers cheque

3. Once you have paid your deposit you can pay the outstanding amount by credit card at the school. If you wish you can pay for the complete course before arriving. It is optional.

Last minute

If you were unable to book your trip in advance and are a lastminute person, we will do our very best to organise your language trip in the space of a few days but there can be no guarantee that there are spaces left in the course.

Accommodation is paid apart, it must be paid when you are in Seville to your Host Family or Flat share. Please check the accommodation section.


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