Fachada-IELE Spanish Courses in IELE learn-spanish-iele-8 spanish-courses -iele-20 Grupo italianos abril 2012 (2) Spanish-Courses-IELE

A range of course choices

It is extremely important to choose the right course for you depending on your objectives and needs. Our partner school offers a complete range of courses throughout the year in an effort to meet the priorities of each student. You can choose a course that lasts anywhere from one week to one year.

Course Duration, in general most courses have a minimum duration of 2 weeks

Course Dates All year round, All courses start on a Monday throughout the year, except for when holidays fall on that Monday, which will then start on that Tuesday.

There are 11 basic programs to choose from:

  1. General Course
  2. Intensive Course
  3. Business Spanish Course
  4. DELE Course
  5. Grammar Review
  6. Conversation and Culture
  7. Course for Teachers of Spànish
  8. Spanish and Flamenco Course
  9. Private Classes
  10. Courses for Groups, Companies etc
  11. Course in the teachers home


Before starting your course, when enrolling, we will give you a spanish language test, when you arrive at the school you will be asked to do an even more detailed test. It is vital to be divided in groups based on your level in order for you to feel comfortable and progress well.


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