Why Seville Expert?

We are a small local business from Seville

This means that our services are personalised and genuine. We pride ourselves on person to person interaction.  We focus on building good personal relationships with our customers before and during your stay in Seville. Before coming, you have a free personalised advice service and whilst living in Seville you can plan to meet up with us at any time. You will never be alone here, we are here to support you through every step of your journey.

Premier Quality Partner School

Since we physically work right next to our partner school we also benefit from person to person interaction and a good, close personal relationship with them.  This means that we are always on top of everything that is going on at the school; from any smalll to big changes. We can guarantee you an excellent atmosphere and quality teaching. Our partner school has over 16years of experience and in that that time has designed a teaching method of teaching to meet the needs of each student. With over half of the students who come to study through the recommendation of a past student, we can proudly say that their teaching method is successful.

Our service after completing your course

Since we are a small company we are very flexible to any changes during you stay. Also, unlike any other company our help and support dosn´t finish once you have completed your course. If you loved your stay in Seville and had any thoughts on staying  here we can guide and help you through your next steps. Maybe for example you would like to work as an English Teacher? Or perhaps gain a bit of work experience working in an hotel or tour company. Being a Seville based company Seville Expert has many contacts and can help you with any future steps you would like to take  here.

Our Prices

Our prices are exactly the same prices charged by the school. There are no surcharges, administration fees or organisational fees. This means that by travelling with Seville Expert, you do not pay more than by applying directly with the school. In addition, you save yourself numerous administrative steps and benefit from  our assistance at all times, before, during and after your stay.


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